ABMA (Bilingual Association of Alberta Municipalities)

ABMA is a CDEA initiative that began in November 2010 (Formerly known as the Concerto Network). The ABMA brings together bilingual municipalities in Alberta  to highlight the added value of bilingualism for sustainable economic development. ABMA does this through social and cultural contributions of which  enhance the reach within these communities to a larger economy.

What are the benefits of joining the ABMA

  • Contributing to the attractiveness and competitiveness of local municipalities

  • Infusing knowledge of French facts into the municipal economy’s

  • Encouraging economic vitality and sustainable growth of municipalities

  • Highlight the presence of entrepreneurs and increase new business synergies

  • Ensure provincial, national and international visibility

What are the impacts of being ABMA member?

  • Tourism development

  • Attracting Investors and Bilingual Skilled Workers

  • Developing  initiatives in green economy

ABMA members


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