Amelie Caron has been working to promote energy efficiency in the Canadian residential construction industry since 1999. She has a master’s degree in building science and sustainability from Danube University Krems in Austria. In 2009, she founded EcoSYNERGY—a company that focuses on educating trades, professionals, and the public for the purpose of understanding building science and promoting best practices in building envelope construction.

Vice President

Guillaume became an entrepreneur at age 18 when he started to invest in real estate in Montreal. 3 years later he became a board member of the Mouvement Desjardins, making him the youngest administrator of the financial institution at the time. Guillaume has companies and investments in the fields of environmental, engineering, professional sports as well as import and sale of wine and cheese. Guillaume also is the Vice President Business Development of LVM Engineering for Western Canada.


With her experience in advising on corporate and personal tax issues, Stéphanie is a trusted business advisor who understands the various business and financial challenges of her clients. With a Master’s degree in taxation from the Université de Sherbrooke, Stéphanie has a strong work ethic, consistently demonstrated by her management, technical, analytical and problem-solving skills.


Franco-Albertan by birth, Daniel Cournoyer has been the Executive Director of La Cité francophone since 2012. Located in the heart of Bonnie Doon, Edmonton’s Francophone neighbourhood, La Cité is a cultural and community centre as well as a gathering point for the community. Under his leadership, many major initiatives have been undertaken to raise the profile of La Cité francophone while strengthening its financial position. These include Café Bicyclette, a thriving café popular with Francophones and Anglophones alike, and the “Flying Canoe” winter festival, an event that allows visitors to discover the history of the Chasse-Galerie, and French-Canadian and First Nations folklore. In the space of five years, they have gone from 3,000 to 40,000 visitors to come and live an adventure in the illuminated Mill Creek ravine, and discover your spirit as a traveller in an atmosphere of light, music and dance. More than ever, La Cité francophone is an important hub of tourism development in the city of Edmonton. Prior to joining La Cité francophone, Daniel was General Director and Artistic Director of L’UniThéâtre for 19 years.


He began his career at a very young age by working on construction sites in his hometown of Quebec. The pursuit of his passion led him to improve his training, knowledge and experience throughout Quebec and Ontario. His hard work, perfectionism and dedication to his work brought him to Alberta in 2008 to start his own commercial glass installation company, Mario Glass Inc. Since then, he has worked all over the province and has even participated in projects in Nunavut. Mario Raymond is a regular participant in CDÉA activities and events, including being one of two “investor dragons” at the final night of the Young Entrepreneurs competition in Edmonton in March 2019. Mario Raymond is proud to financially support many francophone organizations. In the spring of 2018, he launched his endowment fund with the Fondation franco-albertaine, whose objective is to support Alberta’s Francophonie.


Franco-Albertan is from the Bonnyville region, Gilles Choquet joined the Board in October 2017. He has been an insurance broker for nearly 30 years and is a co-owner with his wife Anna de Choquet Insurance Group Ltd. Located on the main street, the family business has grown significantly in recent years and now has 10 employees. In 2015, the company received the Lauriers de la PME in the category “working in rural areas”.


Ernest Johnson is originally from the Peace River area and has lived in Girouxville for almost 30 years. Well established in the region, his family business, Merlot Ag Services, which was created in 1991, supplies chemical and agricultural products to the region’s farmers. Involved in his community, Ernest has previously served on the board of directors of the ACFA of Rivière-la-Paix, where he was president. Elected to the Girouxville Municipal Council in the October 2017 elections, he is the municipality’s delegate to the Alberta Bilingual Municipalities Association (ABMA).


Salamane Yameogo is the founder and president of Andertake Corp. A company specialized in training, motivational conferences, coaching and consulting. Salamane is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, trainer and coach. Born in rural Côte d’Ivoire to immigrant parents from Burkina Faso, he has studied in several fields including a Master’s degree in Public Law, a Master’s degree in Development Studies, a Master’s degree in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada and has taken several courses in international security and defense, coaching, leadership, influence, performance, etc… Having lived in several countries including Switzerland, France and Canada, Salamane, who has been a Canadian citizen since 2018, wishes to learn from the experiences of others, share his experiences and contribute to the enactment of an innovative Francophonie.


Lawyer at the Alberta Bar, Christian Cormier founded Prairie Advocate Law Office to assist business people and their families. Serving the leaders of small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations, Christian advises them when they wish to create, finance or make changes to their organization, but also during litigation.
Détenteur d’un MBA et armé d’une grande expérience au sein de petites et grandes organisations, Me Cormier aide ses clients à régler leurs problèmes juridiques en tenant compte des risques commerciaux et le fonctionnement de l’organisation. Ayant travaillé dans plusieurs grands centres d’affaires, y compris Londres, Singapour et Toronto, Christian comprend qu’en affaires la relation de confiance est primordiale.
Being an active volunteer, Christian has served on several administration boards, including Supply Chain Canada and APICS. In his spare time, Christian enjoys skiing and camping with his wife and two young children.


Originally from France where he was in charge of the financial management of several companies, Norbert moved to Calgary with his young family in 2006. He first joined a company producing drilling equipment in the oil industry, before completing his training by becoming a CPA in Alberta. In 2016, he will take over as Chief Financial Officer of Lake Louise Ski Resort.

An accomplished and creative bilingual professional, with extensive experience in financial planning and business modeling, he favors a hands-on approach and is constantly on the lookout for new ideas to accelerate the growth and increase the profitability of companies.