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Some people will always find it easier to discuss important topics such as investment or health in their mother tongue. Paula Leemans, a bilingual entrepreneur and ReMax Professionals real estate agent for the past 23 years has leveraged her strength to target her niche clientele: Francophones seeking a real estate solution in Calgary.

Varied experience to serve clients better

Paule, or “Paula” to English-speakers, acquired her bilingual skills over the past years in the metropolitan areas of Alberta. “I relied totally on my husband’s experience to buy my first house because the deal was done in English,” she recalled. “I would have preferred to understand and be involved in all stages of the sale,” she added with a smile.

Paula has since excelled in the language of Shakespeare which she has impressively polished with experience. One of the reasons this native Quebecker settled in Alberta was to improve her English. 2020 marks her 34th year in Calgary.

Paula Leemans knows from experience that many Francophones in Calgary would prefer to have real estate deals done in their mother tongue. Her career in this sector began when she obtained her Residential and Commercial real estate licence.

Since then, her real estate business has been offering service in both official languages: two bilingual Facebook pages linked to Paula Leemans & Associates, with all client emails in both French and English.

But Paula goes above and beyond for her target clients by offering advertising for local Francophone organizations, explanations of the real estate process as well as virtual presentations in French, professional meetings and networking with the Francophone community, and so on…

Rewarding effort

Despite the economic slowdown in the province over the past three years, Paula’s business is doing well – so well that 2019 was a record year with over 70% of her contracts from Francophones. “Speaking French in Alberta opens doors and provides business opportunities,” she confirmed.

French is only one of Paula’s obvious added services. Her attentive, patient approach has earned her client recognition as a “psychologist”. According to Marie-Christine Printz, one of her many clients who has done a total of three real estate deals with her, “She is entirely devoted to the people she works with. [She is] an excellent negotiator who works in the best interests of her clients and is always available. In addition to all of her strengths, the fact that she speaks French provides a personalized approach which I really appreciated.”

Smiling and energetic, Paula Leemans is certainly part of the great stories of French-language professional services in Calgary. “I would like to thank my Francophone clients, many of whom have come from Quebec. I have received many referrals from them,” she concludes.

Contact Paula Leemans for all your home buying and selling needs in Calgary or the surrounding area.

Further information on Paula Leemans. 

Cell: 403.863.4913
Email: homes@paulasneighbourhood.com
Website:  http://pauleleemans.remax.ca/

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