Sector Support

The Alberta Economic Development Council (ADEA) promotes the development and promotion of Alberta’s French-speaking entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector in a number of ways.

The CDÉA produces a French visitor guide for Alberta every year. With the continuing support of and the various social communication channels, the Alberta visitor guide is the ideal tool for visitors from Quebec, France and any Francophone cultures. There is more than 30,000 traveling enthusiasts who consult the visitor guide written entirely in French!

The integrity of the French guide is to display the unique opportunity and variety of services offered in the Alberta community and to show the strength of its Francophone members and the Francophiles. This province provides an authentic touristic destination, which is highlighted by its magnificent landscapes, gastronomy, culture, distinctive experiences and warmth.


  • For the incomparable beauty of the Canadian Rockies
  • For Calgary’s unique energy and community spirit
  • For the “Yeggers” lifestyle in Edmonton and its famous Whyte Avenue
  • For its gastronomic cuisine and urban art
  • For the warm welcome of the people
  • To pay only 5% tax on all your purchases
  • For the excellent ski conditions (for 6 months)
  • And more!


Here is the list of tools developed to date:

Site Web
Dedicated to visitors to better inform them of the francophone tourism offer.


Published in more than 30,000 copies and distributed in Canada and in the French-speaking world.

Leader in francophone tourism development

In Alberta, tourism stimulates the demand for local services, creating jobs for a dynamic and bilingual workforce and injecting income into our province’s economy. By addressing the global Francophonie and presenting the offer of services in French as an added value, Tourism Alberta is a leader in francophone tourism development through the efforts of the Conseil de développement économique de l’Alberta (CDÉA).

Official Resources for Western Canada

Also discover Le Corridor, a collection of selected heritage, cultural and tourism products from Canada’s Francophone communities that offer visitors French-language services.